C'est La Vie

I really miss

San Francisco and SFSU. I’m pretty sure at this point that I am going to transfer back, because doing that would mean less school than transferring to CSUN. And also, I do not want to live or finish school in the Valley. Too hot for my liking. And also, way too much traffic for me since I would not be living on campus there. I mean yeah, there’s traffic in San Francisco obviously, but hello! You’re in San Francisco! One of the most beautiful cities in the United States! So yeah. That’s what I am currently thinking about. No one will ever see this anyway because I am not tagging it.

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I haven’t been on this blog in for-fucking-ever. I guess I’ll go back to using it as my random vent and other misc. posts that I can’t post on my other blog because my sisters and cousin follow me on it.

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Dear cute guy from the bus,

I saw you have a blackberry. We could totes BBM each other. Just saying. I’m too scared to talk to you, so I think that maybe you should, oh I don’t know, talk to me yeah? Yeah. Sounds like a plan :) Haha.

I’m so weird, oh well! Deal with it.

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I saw cute dude from the bus again today! Except it wasn’t on the bus, it was walking onto campus.

The bus was running late because the driver was fucking retarded. I’d usually get to campus between 11:55 and 12, but didn’t get there until my freaking class started, which is at 12:10. So I’m trying to freaking walk faster so I’m not super late, when I see his beautiful face pass by me and I was like “Oh, so worth being late now. Day = made.” 

Now let’s hope he takes the 29 tomorrow when I’m on the bus. Maybe if I have enough courage I will tell him I think he has pretty eyes :) But whoooo knoowwss. *fingers crossed* :3

This week so far has just been freaking fantastic <3 and my 18th birthday is on Saturday :D

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My day week was made today on the way to class :D Dude that my cousin and I have nicknamed Justin Bobby (he reminds me of Justin Bobby from The Hills), was actually on the same bus as me today! Haven’t seen that beautiful face since like the 2nd week of school. It just definitely made my week, which is great, because my 18th birthday is on Saturday. I just want to know where the hell he had disappeared to these past few weeks. Hopefully he’s back to taking the 29 to school again, that would make the rest of the semester fantastic :) Haha.

You guys don’t even know, but you should, because then you would be super happy right now too…

And as much as I like that other guy, I don’t know man, if I ever start talking to Justin Bobby, I think I might forget about that crush I have on other guy. I’m crazy. Haha.

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Apparently the guy that I like wants a girlfriend… Too bad I doubt it’d be me :(

Ugh. This is ridiculous. I’ve NEVER been like this before. Never cared about having a boyfriend or anything before. It’s fucking weird and sucks. I hate it!

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Okay, so never before have I ever actually truly wanted a boyfriend. Like ever, I saw absolutely no point to them. I mean, I still see no point to relationships in high school and middle school. Then again, there was never a guy where I was like “Oh my god, I totally want to be with _____, I want to marry him.” Like who the fuck thinks like that when they’re in high school? I still don’t want that, but I would now actually like to have a significant other, especially in this city so I have someone to go out with and explore and have adventures with. :/

Anyway, so I finally met this guy in person that I had been talking to for over 2 years because he lives like 30 minutes away from San Francisco, so I was like “Why the hell not?” And let me tell you, I used to have a little crush on this guy, but it went away a while ago and stayed away, but after I met him, it’s totally completely back, and it’s not a little crush anymore. And it kinda sucks, because I highly doubt that he ever has or will feel the same way about me. It just fucking sucks. And I really hate feeling this way.

But, whatever, if it happens it happens, if it doesn’t it doesn’t…

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